There are 2 types of agents

Express Agents

Our printer express agents will take your photo & print your card on the spot.

Printerless Agents

Our printerless agents will take your photo & your card arrives by post in 3-5 working days!

You will need to bring:

  1. College ID [Secure]: Bring this to prove you are a student.
  2. Your completed application form: Pick up a Student leap Card application form at your SU or Download Here.
  3. €10.00.  [€7.00 plus €3 admin fee] 

Please Note: You can not transfer travel credit from our printerless locations. If you have existing travel credit on your old card, bring it with you to our express agents only and we’ll transfer the balance over when you renew your card.  You will still need to complete a Student Leap Card Application Form & pay €10.00.  

If you are under 19yrs old you are eligible for a Child Leap card which offers child fares on public transport. Please ensure you are applying for the right card to meet your needs before sending in your application. 

Our agent will take your photos on the spot so you don’t need to bring photos.

Alternatively, for new Cards, you can use our Mobile Application process where you can take/upload your own photo and fill in you details and take your order number to an agent, which makes collecting your card quicker and easier.