Ever Wonder Which is the
Best One to Buy..... 

Firstly for those of you who don’t know, leap cards can save you hundreds of € per year. 
Not only are Leap Cards cheaper than paying with cash, you can also use your Student Leap Card to avail of cheaper weekly and monthly tickets. 
You can no longer buy paper Student monthly/weekly tickets from Dublin Bus. If you still want to avail of discounted tickets, students can upload them onto their Student Leap Card only. The savings made can be seen below.......

Please note there is also Child Leap for those under 19yrs of age. Make sure you research which is the best card for you. See Leap Card for details


Adult VS Student Savings 

Rambler 5 Day

€32.10 VS  €23.30

27% Cheaper! 

Rambler 30 Day

€160.50 VS €116.50 

27% Cheaper! 


See www.leapcard.ie for full fare details


Adult VS Student Savings 


Monthly ticket Short Hop (Rail Only):

€152.00 VS €99.50

31% Cheaper! 


See www.irishrail.ie for full Dart and Short Hop Zone fares


Adult VS Student Savings 

30 Day Flexi All Zones

€102.00 VS €75.00

26% Cheaper! 

7 Day Flexi All Zones

€27.00 VS €19.00

22% Cheaper! 


See www.luas.ie for all other zones or single fares