Leap Price capping 

Leap your way to lower fares!

If you’re a regular student Leap Card user, you’ll be glad to hear that a cap has been put on the amount you can spend while using your Leap card on one day or week. Once you hit the cap, you travel free for the rest of the day or week.

Capping applies to Dublin Bus, Luas, DART/Commuter Rail services in Dublin:

The Cap Amount: 

Type Dublin Bus Luas Dart & Commuter Rail
Daily €5.00* €5.00 €7.00
Weekly €20.00 €20.00 €27.00
Bus / Luas / DART Commuter Rail
Type Daily Weekly
Student €7.50 €30.00
Adult €10.00 €40.00


Once you hit the Cap value on the applicable transport operator, no further Travel Credit will be deducted as you use your Leap Card on their services and you can continue to travel for free. Please note, even once you hit the Cap value, you should still Touch On and Touch Off as normal in order to have a valid ticket.

* For Xpresso, Outer Suburban 2, and Nitelink services a maximum of €2.50 of the fare contributes towards the cap. Airlink, tours and special events are excluded from the cap. Capping only applies to journeys taken by the card holder. If the card holder decides to pay for extra people to travel on Dublin Bus, this spend will be additional and will not be capped.