Island Hopping in Greece


Go Greek Island Hopping to finish out the summer in serious style! 

SAYIT Travel have put together a package including flights, accommodation and transfers to and from Ios and Mykonos.

Depart: Aug 24th      DUBLIN-ATHENS     05:55/12:05
Return: Aug 31st        ATHENS-DUBLIN     12:45/15:05

2 X 10KG Hand Luggage Included


Aug 24TH:       1 Night Athens @ 3*Best Western Pygathorian Hotel
                         Standard Room- self catering

Aug 25TH:       Ferry from Athens to Ios
                         Depart: 07:15  Arrive: 11:05
                         2 Nights @ 2*Homers Inn
                         Standard Room- self catering

Aug 27TH:       Ferry from Ios to Mykonos
                         Depart: 11:30  Arrive: 13:05
                         4 Nights @ 4*Giannoulaki Hotel
                         Twin Room- self catering

Aug 31ST:        Hotel Check Out
                        Ferry from Mykonos to Athens
                        Depart: 14:40  Arrive: 17:00
                        Price per Person: €955PP X 2

All of the above details and costings are subject to availability when booking


Tips for visiting family overseas at Christmas


1. With more and more Irish people moving abroad, many people are now choosing to travel and spend Christmas with their loved ones overseas.

2. Whether it be family living in the "Land Down-Under", working in South East Asia or relocating Stateside, many parents and siblings are venturing abroad over the holiday season to be reunited.

3. If you're jetting off to Southeast Asia, Central America or South America over the festive period, it's important to think about the vaccinations you require.

4. While it's never too late to vaccinate, Tropical Medical Bureau usually recommend that you get your immunisations, where possible, six to eight weeks before travelling. Even at this stage it is worthwhile getting cover against the main diseases which may be a risk.

5. You may be recommended to have cover against tetanus, typhoid and hepatitis A. However a course of injections may be recommended in some cases against diseases like hepatitis B and rabies for some undertaking longer or possibly high risk trips to countries such as Thailand, Peru and Indonesia.

6. The experienced professionals at Tropical Medical Bureau will be able to talk you through your options and give advice about how to stay healthy on your getaway. The last thing you'll want is to spend Christmas Day bed-bound with some nasty illness!

7. If you are heading overseas for Christmas you'll also need to take care with your food and drink choices. It is safe to say that you may not be tucking into a traditional turkey dinner in India, Thailand or Brazil, so choose your restaurants carefully, and always stick with correctly sealed bottled water!

8. It is important to remember that while your family members who have been living abroad for some time will be more immune to local illnesses and their bodies will have adapted to local surroundings. It's important to protect yourself against mosquito bites that could be carrying some nasty diseases you won't find at home!

For further information or to book an appointment, please contact Tropical Medical Bureau on 1850 487674 or visit

Using your Student Leap Card on the Luas


Do you use your Student Leap Card on Luas? If so, make sure you Touch On before boarding a tram and Touch Off when leaving a tram.

There are validators at every Luas stop and you can use the validator on either platform. Hold your Student Leap Card to the validator and wait for the beep before removing it.

There are many benefits to Touching On and Off with your Student Leap Card with Luas;

1.    Avoid Fare Evasion

If you don’t Touch On before boarding a Luas you may receive a Standard Fare Notice of €45 or you may be prosecuted for Fare Evasion. Make sure you Touch On and your card will be valid for travel.

2.    Save Money

Touch Off at your end destination so you don’t overpay. By Touching Off you are letting  Leap know you’ve completed your journey and you’ll be charged the correct fare

3.    Avail of Discounts

If you take two or more journeys within 90 minutes of each other on Luas an automatic discount will apply to the second and subsequent fares. For more details see Leap 90 [].

4.    Avail of Capping

If you make lots of trips with your Student Leap Card in 1 day or 1 week (Mon-Sun) on Luas, Leap Card will automatically cap the price so you don’t spend any more than you need to. Once you hit the cap you can continue to travel on Luas and you won’t be charged for additional journeys. You can find more details on Capping on the Leap Card website [].


Touch On your Leap Card to go on your way,

Touch Off when you’re done so you don’t over pay!

To find out how you could win a Leap Card with €10 credit check out the Luas Facebook page!

Get Planning your next adventure


The trick to getting through the long hours of study and stress is to give yourself something to look forward to. An amazing holiday with your mates could be just the thing.........

Contact for full details

Go Ski-ing! 

Fly from Dublin to Andorra on 5th march and spend 7 nights in Hotel Arinsal on B&B basis from only €489 p.p, based on 2 sharing.

USA and Canada Airfare

We have some excellent student airfares for the USA & Canada - book now for 2017 and secure your seat with a deposit of only €50, balance to be paid 6 weeks before departure.


Return Airfares:

NYC from only €470 

San Francisco from only €520

Los Angeles from only €530

Las Vegas from only €545

Chicago from only €590

Toronto from only €510 


One way airfares:

NYC from only €320

San Francisco from only €340

Los Angeles from only €350

Vancouver from only €350

Chicago from only €320

Toronto from only €250


Valid for travel from January to June 2017, subject to availability

City breaks


Amsterdam break - fly Dublin to Amsterdam & spend 2 nights aboard a floating hotel - the Amstel Botel in a twin or double room on B&B basis - for only €175 pps

Krakow break - fly Dublin to Krakow & spend 2 nights in The Secret Garden Hostel in a twin  or double room on B&B basis - for only €149 pps.

* Why not add a trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial for €38 pp

Barcelona break - fly Dublin to Barcelona & spend 2 nights in the quirky Acta Mimic Hotel in a twin or double room - for only €129 pps.

* why not add on a trip to the legendary Nou Camp for only €25 pp

Travel January - March 2017, subject to availability


Festival and Camping tips for Electric Picnic


Music lovers have plenty to smile about over the summer months. Now, more than ever before, amazing festivals are taking place in all corners of the country. There’s nothing quite like soaking up the chilled out vibes, singing along to your favourite tunes and spending an exciting few days with your best pals.


While fun and games are pretty much guaranteed, attending festivals also goes hand in hand with experiencing some inevitable discomforts. We’ve compiled a list of top ten festival tips to ensure you are as prepared as possible and get the most from your festival– especially if you’re attending Electric Picnic this weekend!


1. Beware of the sun and insects

Remember to pack plenty of sun cream and insect repellent. Bad sun burn or lots of nasty, itchy bites are a sure fire way to ruin your festival experience. Reapply as necessary to keep your skin safe and the bugs at bay.


2. Plan your schedule

Get your hands on the line-up schedule before you go and decide which bands you want to prioritise seeing. You really don’t want to miss out on your favourite act because of lack of planning. Factor in resting time between the different sets – you’re sure to get tired being on your feet all day.


3. Drink lots of water

Many festivals have free water refilling stations so make sure you carry a bottle around with you at all times. Staying hydrated greatly reduces your risk of getting sunstroke and feeling unwell. If you’re not too sure about the quality of water, just use some purification tablets.


4. Pack festival essentials

Facilities at music festivals are few and far between so make sure you bring the right toiletries. Dry shampoo, hand sanitizer and plenty of baby wipes are a given.  Other useful items include an eye mask, ear plugs and a torch. And don’t forget the toilet roll!


5. Be sensible with alcohol

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol in the sun makes for a dangerous combination. Not only does it greatly increase the risk of accidents, it can cause headaches, dizziness and nausea – definitely not what you want! Pace yourself and drink water in between alcoholic beverages.


6. Buy decent camping equipment

If you’re camping, make sure your tent is waterproof before you set off. There’s nothing worse than waking up in a pool of water! While you’re at it, pack a decent sleeping mat, pillow and sleeping bag. Getting a decent night’s sleep helps you to feel energised during the day and properly enjoy the music.


7. Charge your devices

Can’t live without your smart phone? Fear not! Investing in a mobile power bank will allow you to charge your device multiple times over the weekend. You’ll still be able to keep in contact with your mates and take as many photos as you like.


8. Pack sensible clothing

You might want to embrace festival boho chic but remember, you will be lying in a field in the middle of the night. Plenty of layers and a change of clothes are definitely advised. Wellies and big comfy socks will keep your feet warm and dry if it rains.


9. Eat healthily

On a tight budget? Bring snacks with you that won’t go off. Cereal bars, crackers and nuts are fantastic for keeping you going in between acts. If you’re buying food onsite be wary of anything that looks undercooked or has been sitting in the sun for too long. Getting food poisoning at a music festival is enough to put you off for life!


10. Mind your stuff

Festivals are a great place to make new friends but you still need to be wary of your belongings at all times – not everyone’s intentions may be the same. Leave valuables like fancy cameras or laptops at home and hide your money and phone in your tent when you sleep.


So there you have it, some top tips to see you through Electric Picnic! The most important piece of advice – have fun! Festivals are amazing opportunities to meet fellow music lovers, get up close and personal with your favourite bands and even discover some new ones. A little preparation goes a long way towards ensuring you have an incredible time!

Advice for Volunteering Abroad


How to ensure you look after yourself when volunteering abroad this summer. 

Volunteering abroad is a life-changing experience but there are many aspects to consider before offering up your time to help others. As well as being enriching and getting the chance to do your part for people in need, volunteering abroad comes with many responsibilities, not just to those you are helping but to yourself. It is important that you look after your own health and needs while you are away, devoting your time to those less fortunate.

Choose an issue close to your heart

The best place to start is by looking for a group that works with issues about which you feel particularly strong about. While volunteering for any organisation in need is very admirable, working with a group that is close to your heart will make you even more passionate about your work. Take some time, look at what is needed where and choose yours wisely. There are many organisations who put together volunteering packages to help get you on your way.

Volunteering Abroad – Research your destination

It is very difficult to maintain any level of fitness while overseas. Make sure you research your destination so you can see what you need to do to stay healthy. One thing you can do is to ensure that you always have access to clean drinking water by bringing water purification tablets.

Consider what you have to offer

When choosing where to devote your time, take the skills that you have to offer into consideration. Play to your strengths and use your time volunteering wisely by using the talents that you already have. For example if you are good with computers or technology or have a knack for working with children then you might be able to slot into a role without too much training beforehand.

Put the organisation’s needs first

While you may have a particular idea of what role you would like to take on, it is wise to look at the organisation as a whole and see exactly what their needs are first. In some instances what groups need most are more hands on deck such as drivers, cleaners, cooks. Every little helps!

Don’t take on too much

Sun exposure and lack of clean water may lead to dehydration especially if the workload is heavy. Pace yourself and don’t take on too much at once. Exciting as the experience is, homesickness often strikes so the support of your new colleagues is essential.

Take care of your health

It’s no fun being sick overseas so many organisations insist on a medical certification confirming that you are in good general health. Make sure that your required vaccines are up-to-date and issues relating to malaria prophylaxis are clearly understood.

For more travel health tips and advice call into your local TMB travel health clinic and speak to one of our qualified professionals. Our experts will guide you through the health requirements for your destination, telling you all you need to know about vaccinations, mosquito bite prevention and food hygiene.

Save money on Holiday with these Travel Tips


Fancy an exotic adventure but worried your savings won’t stretch very far? Thanks to the multitude of low-fare airlines on the market right now, jetting off to the golden sands of Thailand, the Mayan temples of Peru or the bright lights of India has never been cheaper or easier. But what about when you touch down? Take heed of our expert budget travel tips and enjoy a fulfilling getaway, without having to rob a bank first!


Travel during low season

Flights, accommodation and tours are always going to be more affordable during off-peak times, which usually coincide with monsoon season in Southeast Asia and South America. Be prepared for a little rain and enjoy massive savings. It also helps to be flexible about the day and time you travel – fly mid-week or very early in the morning to nab yourself an amazing deal.

Take Hand Luggage

Budget travel tips don’t come much better than this in terms of saving money. OK, we know this might not be possible if you’re off on a six-month backpacking trip but only bringing hand luggage will save you lots of money, especially if you plan on flying in between several destinations on your trip. Wash clothes on the go, leave books you’ve read for other travellers and refrain from buying souvenirs. Your wallet will be heavier and your backpack lighter – win-win!

Think wisely about food

If you’re staying in a hostel or rented accommodation, use the facilities to cook a delicious meal after your day’s activities. When you’re out and about grab street food (being careful to avoid any dodgy vendors) or make yourself a picnic with tasty produce from a local supermarket. It’s nice to eat out every now and again but avoid restaurants in touristy areas that are likely to hike up the prices for tourists..

Research destinations carefully

Be smart about where you travel to and think of all the costs involved after the flight-booking stage. You might love the idea of exploring Japan or Scandinavia but these destinations can be tough for penny-pinching travellers. It might be best to consider other places instead, such as Southeast Asia. Thailand and Vietnam continue to be a massive hit with backpackers thanks to its gorgeous landscapes, fascinating cultures and “cheap cheap” prices.

Take local transport

This is one of our top budget travel tips. Do as the locals do and catch the bus. Not only is this a great way of cutting costs, it also allows you to interact with your destination’s inhabitants and experience its culture first-hand. Better yet, walk, walk, walk! Over-night buses and trains are a cheaper alternative to daytime transport if you are moving locations. They also allow you to save on accommodation. Remember to be careful of your belongings on board and only book with reputable companies.

Do your Homework

There’s no point in depriving yourself of the wonderful activities and sights that make your destination unique. You just have to do a little research to ensure you get the best price. Suss out museum passes when you arrive in a new city, which can save you money in the long run. Chances are there are lots of free activities you can also try on your trip – maybe even free walking and cycling tours.

Be Wary at the Airport

How often do you hear horror stories of individuals being scammed the moment they step off the plane in a new country? It’s important that you do your homework and know what to expect when you land. Don’t fall for taxi drivers that demand extortionate prices – there’s likely to be a cheap bus or train into the city.

Budget, Budget, Budget

Keep a log of your expenditure in a notebook or using a handy mobile app. This might seem a bit excessive at first but you’ll quickly get into the swing of it. Trust us, your bank balance will seem a lot less scary when you know exactly where your money is going.

Get Travel Insurance

Don’t be tempted to scrimp on travel insurance before you travel. The upfront cost might seem like a lot but this will give you peace of mind throughout your trip. Nothing will kill your budget more than unforeseen hospital costs or having to replace lost luggage. have great rates on travel insurance to see you through your trip.

Consider Volunteering

Volunteering is a fantastic way of making a difference, soaking up an exciting new culture and saving money at the same time. Research programmes where you work in exchange for food and accommodation. Wwoofing (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) is great for those who want to get into nature and enjoy an enriched backpacking experience.

See, with our great budget travel tips it’s not that difficult to save money abroad when you put your mind to it. Think before you spend and you’re sure to cut costs on accommodation, transport and food. Don’t worry if you go over budget every now and again. A couple of cheap and cheerful beach days and things are sure to balance out. Plus, you’re sure to meet dozens of like-minded travellers in the same boat. The only thing left is your plan your economical adventure!

We hope you found our budget travel tips useful. For travel health tips and advice call into your local TMB travel health clinic and speak to one of our qualified professionals. Our experts will guide you through the health requirements for your destination, telling you all you need to know about vaccinations, mosquito bite prevention and food hygiene.


Christmas Travel Health- Visiting Friends and Family


Visiting friends and relatives

Travel health advice for visiting friends and relatives overseas

Christmas is a very popular time to travel with many expats returning home to celebrate with loved ones. Such travel has never been easier or more affordable, thanks to the multitude of low-fare airlines on the market and cheap international flights. There are many perks to this ‘global village’ – who doesn’t want to spend the festive period with their nearest and dearest? Unfortunately this easy accessibility has increased the risk of diseases moving from country to country. Many travellers visiting friends and relatives overseas do not consider the potential health risks involved. They may not get the same vaccinations they would if they were jetting off on a beach break, trekking adventure or volunteering stint.


Health risks for expats

What many don’t realise is that the personal protection against many diseases gained by living in an area for many years is frequently lost when an individual moves to a new region where the disease is not prevalent. Individuals returning home need to think long and hard about the diseases they may no longer be immune to.
So, for example, if you’re originally from West Africa but have been living in Europe for the last few years, you will not have the same number of antibodies to fight against malaria as those who still live in West Africa, friends and family included. It is recommended that you take regular adequate malaria prophylaxis if your planned travel includes a return to West Africa to protect against this potentially fatal disease.


Visiting friends and relatives overseas - Recommended vaccinations

Vaccinations protect the body against illnesses such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, rabies and meningitis. If you are visiting friends and relatives overseas in a country where these illnesses are prevalent, such as Thailand, Brazil or India, it is recommended that you get the vaccinations offered to the Western European traveller. Your body only maintains protective antibodies against some common diseases as long as it is exposed to that disease.

Travelling with children.

Heading back to your home country with your little ones this Christmas? Extra care is needed to ensure they can enjoy themselves without falling ill. Children who have been brought up in Western Europe have no natural protection against many of the diseases that are present in Asia, South America and Africa.
As part of their National Immunisation Programme, all children born in Ireland since 2008 should be covered against hepatitis B. It’s worth talking with your GP or calling into a TMB clinic to get advice about the other recommended vaccinations for children. In some cases, the child may be so young that they are unable to receive the recommended vaccinations – it’s best to talk with an expert to get all the information you need and access the situation properly.


Sun exposure and dehydration

The sun’s rays in Africa, Asia and South America tend to be a lot stronger than they are here in Ireland. It’s important to protect your skin from sun damage, which is the biggest contributor to dehydration and increases the risk of skin cancer in the future. Bring high-factor sun cream on your travels and seek the shade during the hours when the sun is at its highest. Protect yourself further with a wide-brimmed hat and high-quality sunglasses.

Post-exposure screening

The incubation period for tropical illnesses can be a lot longer than you’d think! If an individual falls ill a few months after travelling, it could still be from their time abroad. Put your health first and consider a post-exposure medical screening after your travels to rule out potentially fatal illnesses. This peace of mind really is priceless!
Who wouldn’t want to spend Christmas with their closest friends and family? It’s easy to understand the need to return to ones homeland - to share stories and create new memories. Adults and children visiting friends and relatives overseas where serious diseases prevail need special care. Take heed of our travel health advice to ensure you remain healthy and safe on your festive break.

TMB open 2 new clinics


Tropical Medical Bureau, the leading travel medicine clinic in Ireland, has opened two new clinics in...... 

Kilkenny and Wicklow.

This makes it even easier for people in these and the surrounding areas to get their consultations and vaccinations before travelling.  With over 20 clinics nationwide, TMB are the specialists in providing the best information and medical care available for the international traveller. The best part is that Student Leap Card holders get great discounts on vaccinations and services at all Tropical Medical Bureau clinics nationwide.

The new Kilkenny clinic is located in the Ayrfield Medical Centre located in the new primary care centre on Granges Road, Kilkenny.
The address for the new Wicklow clinic is Sheeran Purcell General Practice, 1st Floor, Wicklow Primary Care Centre, Knockrobin, Co. Wicklow.

Both are established health screening and primary care centres which offer the full range of travel medicine and vaccination services. Full contact details for the clinics can be found on the Tropical Medical Bureau website here.

Andrew Lewis, CEO of Tropical Medical Bureau said, "We are delighted to be increasing the number of TMB clinics in Ireland, making it even more accessible for people around Ireland to attend consultations before heading abroad. We have a very strong client base and are glad that we now have the extra clinics to meet their needs."

For a full list of clinics visit the TMB website at

For further information on vaccinations or to book an appointment, please contact the Tropical Medical Bureau on 1850 487674 or visit

The lovely staff at the new TMB Kilkenny office.

The lovely staff at the new TMB Kilkenny office.

Beach, Sun or City...... take the break you want!


It’s the end of July and so many of your mates are either off on a J1 in the USA, seeing the world, or working hard for the money! Crazily the autumn semester is somehow already looming and you need that fun break from the folks and your summer job. This is YOUR summer after all. Right?

A student holiday is possible no matter your desired destination, duration or budget and thankfully whatever you’re looking for, SAYIT TRAVEL HAVE SOMETHING TO SUIT YOU.

SAYIT’s custom holidays are the best value you’ll find in Ireland and we can arrange your holiday to suit your time. From short weekend breaks, a week in the sun, 14 days adventures or more. SAYIT can arrange options for any destination and will select the best flight timings to maximise your stay combined with really good standard, budget accommodation to allow you to spread your budget further.


Beach Breaks

Where to go?

Try CRETE for excellent beaches, great night life and yes good food to keep your energy levels high. 4 sharing Bellino Apartments in Hersonissos for 7 nights departing 06 Sept from €359 pp.

Turkey is still great value and has all the ingredients for a good value fun holiday. Try Kusadasi -from €499 b/b for 7 nights; two sharing.

IBIZA is still the party island and a sure destination for plenty of enjoyment.  From €299 for 7 nights based on 4 sharing departing 09 Sept.

Spanish mainland - The Costa del Sol … still offers the best value, variety and easy access for any duration of stay. From €499 based on 4 sharing; Bajandillo apartments; departing 06 Sept, for 7 nights.

Majorca…. One of the loveliest islands with resorts to suit all requirements. Magaluf for 7 nights on 01 Sept based on 4 sharing apartment.

SAYIT have many more easily to get to destinations with Ryanair and Aer Lingus from Dublin, Cork, Shannon, Knock or Kerry; just give us a call. We’ll give you the best overall price.



Fancy a bit of culture? then try any of the cities served by Aer Lingus or Ryanair; SAYIT book the cheapest flight and match it up with accommodation to suit your budget; Prague from € 244 pp based on two sharing; Amsterdam; Riga; Istanbul; Vilnius; Warsaw from €184 pp based on 2 sharing; Munich and many more … just let your imagination roll and contact SAYIT.

Further Away; How about joining your friends in the USA on our J-1 programme; with special student fares to all US destinations. Or try Thailand or Malaysia, both destinations are great value and bound to give you great memories and major bragging rights with your envious fellow students during that first semester.

Accommodation only? So you have your flights booked directly and are unsure about booking suitable accommodation ? No problem . SAYIT book the best value accommodation to tie in with your flights so you can relax and look forward to that much needed trip away.

BOOK NOW.....and let the adventures begin!

Backpacking tips to get the most from your trip

It’s easy to get side-tracked when planning your first backpacking trip by thinking of nothing more than amazing beaches, vibrant cities and mouth-watering cuisine. Organising visas, travel insurance and vaccinations might seem like a hassle but this is necessary to ensure you have the best trip possible. Here are some backpacking tips you should consider before setting off on your journey.

Travel insurance

Yes, you really do need it! Travel insurance is essential for backpackers who will find themselves in an array of completely different environments. You definitely don’t want to end up covering the costs if your bag disappears from that overnight bus, your flight is cancelled or the local food has some unpleasant consequences on your health. At the very least, having travel insurance gives you, and your loved ones at home, peace of mind. There are several excellent price comparison sites online which allow you to easily see which policy is best suited to your trip and budget.


Prevention is better than cure. Research the countries you will be visiting and make sure you get the recommended vaccinations. Developing countries such as Cambodia, Thailand, Mexico and Brazil are home to some nasty diseases such as typhoid, yellow fever or malaria. Getting jabs before you leave means that you’re a lot less likely to have your cut your trip short because of an illness. Being laid up in a foreign hospital where you don’t speak the language is not fun. Backpackers are advised to book an appointment at a TMB clinic to find out more about vaccinations they may require and to get the best tips about how to travel safely.

Tourist Visas

Thought you could just rock up and charm your way through security? Not always the case. You’ll need to look into the visa requirements for the places you want to backpack through. In some countries, such as Malaysia and Indonesia, you can get a visa on arrival. Others, like Myanmar and China, require a trip to the embassy before you arrive. While you’re at it, make sure you have cash in the correct currency to pay for your visa and that your passport is in date.

Backpacking Budget

Check out travel blogs to get a sense of how much it costs to backpack around your destinations of choice. You don’t want to have to cut your trip short or beg off your parents because of some careless planning. You’ll get a lot more bang for your buck in South East Asia or South America but it’s also important to factor in unexpected costs. Your phone charger might break, a must-do activity might be more expensive than anticipated and you may insist on ordering shots for the whole hostel when you’ve had a few too many.

Packing your backpack

Less really is more. Backpacking is tiring and it’s a whole lot tougher if you’re dragging around more weight than you need. It’s not uncommon for backpackers to ditch perfectly good clothing or unread books at the start of their journey, all because their shoulders ache and their backs can’t quite take it anymore. Just bring the basics! It’s easy to pick up toiletries and cheap clothing on the well-worn backpacking trail. There really is no need for that can of hairspray or extra pair of shoes. Check out blog posts from Hostelbookers and Nomadic Matt for more advice on how to pack your backpack.

There’s a lot to cover but getting these practicalities sorted means you can enjoy your trip and really get the most out of it. Travelling can be daunting but being well prepared will definitely help you to feel more secure and confident.

For further information on vaccinations or to book an appointment, please contact the Tropical Medical Bureau on 1850 487674 or visit

The Big Adventure- The Best Price


For the adventurous spirits out there, who want to experience as much of a country or region as possible while on holiday, a tour is the way to go. With a tour holiday you can fit as many experiences and destinations as possible into your holiday, thereby making the most of your precious time off. Sayit Travel have extensive experience of organising tours worldwide and therefore take the worry and stress out of organising a tour yourself. Wherever it is in the world you aspire to travel to, Sayit Travel can help you get there.

Sailing Croatia - Dubrovnik to Split

8 Day Trip
Discover secluded islands and deserted beaches, explore Korčula- the birth place of Marco Polo, wander the forested paradise of Mljet National Park, connect with history at Diocletian's Palace in Split, Enjoy the nightlife while meeting new friends
Travel date 22 Aug

Was 1099 now 934
International Flights from 335

Costa Rica Volcano

Costa Rica Active Adventure

13 Day Trip
Paddle through world-class rapids on the Pacuare River, indulge in a wide variety of activity and adventure, mountain bike along breathtaking Arenal Lake, chill out to the sounds of crashing Caribbean waves, attempt to stand up on a surfboard in Puerto Viejo.
Travel Date 22 Aug

Was 1154 Now 985
International Flights from 874

Golden Gate

Chicago to San Francisco Road Trip

17 Day Trip
Camp along the Mississippi River, hike the Badlands, marvel at Yellowstone's geysers, meet the wildlife of Grand Teton National Park, explore the streets of San Francisco
Travel date 12 June

Was 1749 now 1312
International Flights from 719

South African Elephants

Southern Africa Encompassed

15 Day Trip
Spot the Big Five in Kruger National Park, gaze out across Victoria Falls, track rhinos on foot in Matobo National Park, feel the pulse of a continent at a dancing demonstration, discover four diverse countries, explore the Okavango Delta the traditional way on a mokoro canoe excursion.
Travel date 05 Sept

Was 1699 now 1444
International flights from 632


Cartagena to Quito

19 Day Trip
Trek to the Lost City of Teyuna, party in Colombian cities, get active in Cotopaxi, experience local life in an Ecuadorian homestay. 
Travel Date 07 Sept

Was 1799 now 1439
International flights from 1110

For Full info check out,

e-mail or Tel: 021 4279188.