One for Ireland


One for Ireland is a charitable movement created to challenge youth homelessness in Ireland. By asking for €1. From 1 million people. In 1 day: April 29th, 2016.

On Friday April 29th, One for Ireland will give everyone multiple opportunities to give €1 to help in the fight against Youth Homelessness. With over 1,500 retailers participating nationwide, you will be able to add €1 to your bill and 100% of every euro donated will go towards projects in regions all over Ireland. You can also give online , by text and via PayPal. 

With over 1,700 homeless children in Ireland, this is the most pressing issue in Irish society. In partnership with The Irish Youth Foundation, the funds raised by One for Ireland will go the projects run by Focus Ireland, Simon Community, Peter McVerry Trust and SVP. One for Ireland is the first national campaign of its kind. We wanted to create a new fundraising model where, as opposed to seeking large sum from a small amount of people, we ask for a small sum from a very large amount of people. This ensures that it is sustainable because it is affordable.


The One for Ireland team is comprised entirely of 7 recent graduates, all under 24, who have previously worked in either charity or startups. They are working on a volunteer basis, which will ensure that 100% of the funds raised will go directly to the causes. We are encouraging everybody go give on April 29th and will ensure that your €1 makes a difference to a project near you. 


Give One for Ireland.