College Food basics to get you through the Week


It is that time of year again, summer is over and the time to head back to college is upon us. For those of you lucky enough to be in dorms or living in digs you will be all too familiar with certain foods that you end up eating in order to save money for the all-important weekend. 

For the students living at home and still lapping up the benefits of home-cooking, don’t be too shocked by the following cuisine and never take for granted your folks well stocked fridge again!


Not the fancy Thai type you order from your local takeaway. These are the dry packaged type you may be familiar with, whichever it is you will more than likely eat your own weight in these throughout college. You could also step up to the plate (or mug) and make your very own healthy pot noodle! 


You look in the press= no food; you look in the fridge= no food. Open another press and cereal, your old friend, appears. You cannot beat a nice bowl of cereal at any time of the day. With fresh cold milk, or even in the microwave on those duvet days, it will get you through a lot of tough times. Throw a few different cereals together for that higher level of extravagance or add some fruit for some of your 5-a-day and you're sorted! 


You put it in the toaster it “cooks” the bread so you are basically a culinary master. Right? Stick some cheese on it and pop it under the grill, sprinkle of pepper and you have got yourself a gourmet sandwich. Add a poached egg to it and eat it between 9am and 1pm and you've got classy brunch. With jam for the sweet-tooth or avocado for the health kick...toast is indeed limitless! No matter what your style is, get familiar with your toaster it will be a good friend to you during the term. And.... it's a much better option than that regrettable kebab after a night of dancing!

Treat yourself!

When all else fails, and even the appetising appeal of cereal and toast won’t satisfy your hunger, you can always head to McDonald’s. Choose a Medium Extra Value Meal for only €5.00 and get your hands on a Big Mac, Filet-o-Fish, McChicken Sandwich or 6 Chicken McNuggets with Medium Fries and a drink.

McDonald's are going on tour with the Student Leap card team and you can get even more savings with our Student Vouchers. Look out for the Student Leap Card team on campus during September-October.