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The Klares- EP

Comparison with The Strypes for their youth and energy is an inevitability that surely irks and pleases The Klares at the same time. It is, afterall, hard to ignore the fact that the combined age of the Dublin-based band members adds up be younger than Mick Jagger (71). Look and listen beyond that, however, and you find a rawer, grimier sound more akin to the Madchester alt-rock explosion of the early 90’s that is heavily seasoned with an Artic Monkeys punch. 

The Klares recently released  their second EP 'Cookoo' just a few weeks ago and on first listen it impresses with both maturity and edginess. Influences are evident, from The Strokes-esque punchy rhythm guitar driving Cookoo, to the Arctic Monkey akin creeping bass lines and Turner-style drawl on Dress to Impress; there’s a familiarity that works as a strength without undermining a strong sense of originality. These boys have time, talent and a clever musical sensibility on their side and they are using it all to their advantage. At a time when fans quite easily succumb to the marketing drives pushing the latest 15year old US popstar onto our playlists, with their formulaic, second-hand songs and lack of clothing, we all too often overlook the young hard-working bands. This band master their own instruments, write their own tracks and tread their own path. There’s no room for overlooking The Klares. They WILL be heard so you might as well go on and turn up the volume.

Listen to The Klares EP- Cookoo here

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