Not Yet Registered?

Will you hit the polling station and have your say on May 22nd? Recent figures supplied to the Irish Independent tell us that more than 120,000 18-25yr olds are not yet registered to vote. The deadline to register for inclusion on the supplemental register is May 5th.That means you need to have your form posted by Friday, May 1st. Read the full Indo article here.

We don't wish to tell you 'how' to vote, to sway your opinion or tell you what to do.  You are your own boss! We would, however, like to encourage each Irish citizen to exercise their right to vote and  to have their say on May 22nd. What we, as a democratic society,  decide now impacts the shape of Irish society in the future and that impact should truly reflect the democratic wishes of our population. Make sure you are represented! 

Registering to Vote is easy!

  • Check you are registered on
  • Don't assume you are registered, you can be taken off the register for numerous reasons.
  • If you are not registered, download and complete the RFA2 form, have it signed by your local Garda and post it to your local authority. May 5th is the deadline so do it today....and have your say in May!!