You can top-up your Student Leap Card straight away, right after purchase.

*It is recommended to register your Student Leap Card at 24 hours after purchase for 3 simple reasons:

  1. Your card balance (credit and tickets) is protected if lost/stolen

  2. You can view your travel/transaction history

  3. You can top up quickly and easily

Top-Up your Student Leap card in 5 ways:

1. Online

Top up Online here! Once you purchase your credit online, you must go to a Payzone Agent/load location to collect the credit. A lot of college campuses across Ireland have collection devices installed, ask your Student’s Union officers if your college has one. Don’t forget your credit is NOT automatically on your card when you top-up online. *Sometimes it may take up to 48 hours to upload credit/tickets onto your Student Leap Card.

2. At any payzone agent. 

Find your nearest Payzone agent here!

3. Irishrail & Luas Ticket Machines. 

Leap Cards can be topped-up at all Luas, DART and Commuter Rail ticket machines in the ‘Short Hop Zone’. Simply place your Student Leap Card in the pocket provided, select the top-up amount from options shown on the screen, insert the amount selected (notes/coins/credit/debit cards accepted), remove your SLC from the pocket as indicated on screen. Your Leap Card will then be topped-up and ready for immediate use.

4. The NFC-enabled Leap Card Top-Up App

If you have an NFC enabled Android phone you can download the App and use it to top-up and 'collect' your Student Leap Card credit. This app also allows you to check your current balance and your transaction history. *Note: Please check your phone is NFC enabled before using this feature. 

5. Auto top-up

Auto Top-Up is the easiest way to top-up your Student Leap Card. If you choose to enable auto top-up, your SLC will automatically top-up with funds from your bank account whenever your travel credit balance falls below €10. You can choose to auto top-up by €30, €40 or €50.