When I get my Student Leap Card, what do I do?

After 24 hours of purchasing your Student Leap Card, you must register online at www.leapcard.ie in order to manage your account and protect your balance if your card gets lost or stolen. On leapcard.ie you can Top-Up, set up auto-top up, see your transaction history and apply for refunds.

How to Use my STUDENT Leap Card?

You can use your Student Leap Card in two distinct ways.

  1. You can use it as an ID to buy special student tickets for all major public transport providers throughout the Republic of Ireland.

  2. Use the Card to pay-as-you-go on Dublin Bus, Luas, DART and Commuter Rail in the Dublin/Galway/Cork/Limerick/Waterford commuter areas, wherever Leap functionality has been introduced.  To use the card to PAYG you need to top up first at a Leap Card shop. Then hold the card against the validators to ‘Touch-On/off’. Validators are located:

Dublin Bus - at the entrance to the bus on the right hand side, and at the driver’s cab. When travelling on Dublin Bus, there is no requirement to Touch-Off.

Luas - on the platform. You need to touch-on and off at beginning and end of journey. 

Irish Rail - at entry and exit points of stations and on some platforms. If you are using your Student Leap Card to PAYG, don't forget to Touch-On and off at the beginning and end of your journey. If you don’t Touch-On, you may be prosecuted for fare evasion.

Bus Eireann - beside driver where Leap functionality has been rolled-out.

Don't forget to Touch-Off at the end of your journey when travelling on Irish Rail or LUAS so that the correct fare will be charged. Failure to Touch-Off will result in the maximum fare being charged to your card. 

Can anyone else use my Student Leap Card?

Student Leap Cards are not transferable and can only be used by the person photographed on the face of the card. You can not buy a ticket for others accompanying you on your card either. 

Can I buy weekly, monthly or other time based tickets?

Yes, you can load your card with credit (e.g. €20) OR with daily, weekly or monthly tickets depending on the provider. Popular examples include 5 day ramblers with Dublin Bus and Monthly Short Hop with Dart.

Topping up with credit means you pay-as-you-go on Dublin Bus, Luas, DART and Commuter Rail in the Dublin area just like a Leap Card. To use it in this way, you must top it up first at a Leap Card Payzone agent, at ticket machines or online and then use it to PAYG.

PAYG credit is also subject to daily and weekly caps on Dublin Bus, DART and LUAS which means great savings for frequent travellers. Click here for full details.