How to Get YOUR Student Leap Card?

1. Apply Online

You can apply for the card online (You will still have to attend an official Student Leap Card Agent to get your card). Applying online makes the process of attaining a card a lot easier and faster, and you can take or choose the photo on the card in advance.

2. At the Agent

We have hardworking agents located across the country; the Express Agents can print your brand new Student Leap Card within minutes, once the application form or mobile application is completed. We also have a number of Printerless Agents who can process your application. Once processed, the card should arrive at the same location within 3-5 working days.

You will need to bring:

  1. College ID [Secure]: Bring this to prove you are a student.

  2. Your completed application form: Pick up a Student leap Card application form at your SU or Download Here.

    Or have your mobile application number.

  3. €10.00.  [€7.00 plus €3 admin fee] 

The list of our agents can be found here.

3. Postal Application

Download and fill in PARTS A + B of this form (download here). Check it twice, then send it to us! Include your payment (Don’t send cash by post!) and make sure your photos are affixed as indicated. NB: If your form is filled out incorrectly, it will be returned to you and a €5 administration charge will be levied to cover the costs of processing.

Student Leap Card,
PO Box 10549,
Dublin 15.