How to Get YOUR Student Leap Card?

1. Apply Online and collect at agent

You can apply for the card online (Note: you will still have to attend an official Student Leap Card Agent to get your card). Applying online makes the process of attaining a card a lot easier and faster, and you can take or choose the photo on the card in advance.

Note: When you go to collect your card at one of our Express Agents, you will need to bring your official college ID and €10 (only cash accepted).

2. At the Agent (paper Application form)

We have hardworking agents located across the country; the Express Agents can print your brand new Student Leap Card within minutes, once the application form is completed. We also have a number of Printerless Agents who can process your application form. Once processed, the card should arrive at the address provided within 3-5 working days.

When attending an agent, you will need to bring:

  1. College ID: Bring this to prove you are a student.

  2. Part A of the application form completed: Pick up a Student leap Card application form at your SU or Download Here.

  3. €10.00: Only cash accepted. 

The list of our agents can be found here.

3. Postal Application

Download and fill in PARTS A + B of this form (download here). Check it twice, then send it to us! Include your payment (Don’t send cash by post!) and make sure your photos are affixed as indicated. NB: If your form is filled out incorrectly, it will be returned to you and a €5 administration charge will be levied to cover the costs of processing.

Student Leap Card,
PO Box 10549,
Dublin 15.