All about the card



All about the card



What is the Student Leap Card?

Student Leap Card is Ireland's national student travel and discount card available to all second-and third-level students in full time education (see Eligibility Guidelines).  It is the only student card that can save students up to 66% across all public transport operators, as well as a host of exclusive discounts and offers from leading brands.  Cardholders can also avail of other student discounts from over 100+ retail discounts nationwide. Student Leap Card is sold under licence from the National Transport Authority.


What travel discounts will I get with my Student Leap Card?

You can save up to 66% across all public transport operators IRISH RAIL, DART, BUS EIREANN, LUAS, DUBLIN BUS . See our Transport Savings section

Discounts are also available on journeys with Wexford Bus, Swords Express, Matthews Coaches, & Citylink Galway.

Get your travel discounts in 3 ways:

1.  Load Travel Credit to Pay-As-You-Go (Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford city services)
2. Pre-paid tickets can be loaded onto your Card (Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford city services)
3. Use the card as a Student ID to allow you to buy discounted tickets


What Exclusive discounts will I get with my Student Leap Card?

  • Boots Pharmacies - 10% off in all stores nationwide
  • McDonald’s - €5 medium extra value meal 
  • GAA - Discount entry to GAA matches
  • SAYIT Travel/ J1 Visa - 20% off Travel Insurance,€15 off flights, 5% off gadget insurance
  • Munster Rugby - Discounted Rugby Matches
  • Tropical Medical Bureau - 10% off vaccines and travel products

*Terms and Conditions apply. See discount page for full details


Who is eligible for a Student Leap Card?

All full time students in 2nd and 3rd level education are entitled to apply for a Student Leap Card. Students must have a minimum of 16 hours of lectures/class time per week, and be enrolled for a minimum of 6 months duration in any one 12 month period. 

Full-time foreign students who meet the above criteria are also entitled to apply for the SLC whilst in Ireland. Students enrolled as trainee Accountants (ACCA, Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland), CPA trainees, trainee Solicitors registered with the Law Society, full time SOLAS trainees/students and full time PLC students are also considered eligible.  

Students of online courses are not eligible to apply for the SLC, unless they meet the criteria set out here. Students may be required to produce further evidence of eligibility, upon request by Student Leap Card or an agent of Student Leap Card (i.e. letter from college/institution).

NOTE: If you are under 19yrs old you are also eligible for a Child Leap card.  Child Leap enables child fares on public transport in Ireland. There are no retail discount benefits to the Child Leap card. To ensure you are getting the right card for you, see full details HERE


How can I get my Student Leap Card?

1.    By Post (See application form)
2.   Via our Express Agents
3.   By Printerless Agents
4.   Via our On-campus Roadshows (January + September)


Where can I get an application form?

Application forms are available from the Customer Service desks in the following locations,

or available to download here:

  1. Dublin Bus, Upper O Connell St., Dublin 1
  2. Students Leap Agents nationwide
  3. Local Youth information centres nationwide


Where can I get my Student Leap Card?

Express agents

Visit any of our express agents to get your card printed on-the-spot. This is the quickest way to get your card.
Please bring with you: Photo ID, College ID or letter, and payment. Your photograph will be taken by the agent.

  • Trinity College, Students Union, House no.6 (01 6468431 - through the front arch and turn left)
  • Dublin Bus, 59 Upper O'Connell Street, Dublin 1 (01) 873 4222
  • UCD Student's Union, Student Centre, Belfield, Dublin (01) 7163108)
  • DCU Student's Union, The Hub (01) 7005392
  • Tropical Medical Bureau, 94 Upper Georges Street, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin(01) 2715200
  • Maynooth Universitywww.msu.ie, (01) 7086819
  • UCC Student Union 54 College Road, Cork. www.collegeroad.ie 021 490 3218
  • SAYIT Travel, 76 Grand Parade, Cork (021) 4935900
  • Cork Institute of Technology, Rossa Ave, Cork. (021) 432 6100
  • NUI Galway, Students Union (091) 524810
  • University of Limerick Student's Unionwww.ulsu.ie (061) 202324

For Latest Opening Hours SEE HERE

Printerless Agents

Our Printerless agents take your photo and payment & your card arrives by post in 3-5 working days.  Click here for Locations New You

By post

Fill out our Application Form and post with payment and photos to: Student Leap Card, PO Box 10549, Dublin 15.  Your card will be posted out to you within 5 working days of receipt of application.

On-Campus Roadshows

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for upcoming dates to see us on your campus!  Cards are printed on-the-spot by our Crews.


How much is the Student Leap Card?

From September 1st 2016, the Card is €7 by post, or costs €10 with our Student Leap Card Agents (€7, plus a €3 photo capture fee).  Agents accept cash only.  See Application Form for postal payment methods.


I am still in secondary school and/or Under 18. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes. The application form must bear the Authorised Stamp and be signed by an Authorised Official of your School.  Please see Application Form for instructions.

Under 19’s are however also eligible for the Child Leap Card.  Please note that the Child Leap Card is for child travel discounts only, whilst Student Leap Card offers retail discounts as well as the student travel discounts.

See LeapCard.ie for details on all cards, so as to make an informed decision before application. 


When does the Student Leap Card expire?

Every September a new card is issued. We change the colour of the card every year to ensure there is no fraud in our system. A new card must be purchased after the expiry of the existing Student Leap Card.  For example, if you purchase the card on or any time after September 1st 2016, the card will expire on 31st December 2017.  The expiry date is printed on the top right of card.

About Postal Applications


Where do I send the completed form for postal application?

Send the form to: Student Leap Card,  PO Box 10549,  Dublin 15


Do I need to include a stamped addressed envelope to have the card returned to me?

No, postage costs are included in the application fee.


When will I receive my Student Leap Card?

The card will be sent to you within 5 working days of our receipt of your application.


Why does the College/School Administrator need to stamp the card?

This control measure is in place to ensure that only students who are genuinely in second and third level can apply for and avail of the discounts associated with the Student Leap Card.


What happens if I fill my postal application form in incorrectly?

If an incomplete or incorrect form is received it will be rejected and returned to the applicant. An administration fee of €5.00 will apply. Payment is taken once we receive the fully and correctly completed application form.  Please therefore ensure that you have correctly completed all sections on the application form before posting to us. 


Can I get my money back? 

The Student Leap Card fee is non-refundable. If you have loaded travel credit onto the card you can apply online for your refund at www.leapcard.ie  You can also contact Leap Card Customer Care Team on 1850 824 824 or customer.care@leapcard.ie to get the travel credit refunded


Do I need to advise of a change of address?

Yes. Please email info@studentleapcard.ie to let our office know of you change your address. 


Do I need to pay again if I change my address?

No. Change of address does not require a reissue of the card.


Who do I contact if I need help with my application?

You can contact us on 1890 457 056, info@studentleapcard.ie or through Twitter on @StudentLeapCard




All about Leap


All about Leap

When I get my Student Leap Card, what do I do?

You must register online at www.leapcard.ie in order to manage your account and protect your balance if your card gets lost or stolen. Here you can Top-Up, set up auto-top up, see your transaction history and apply for refunds.

How to Use my Leap Card?

You can use your Student Leap Card in two distinct ways. You can use it as an ID to buy special student tickets for all major public transport providers throughout the Republic of Ireland AND/OR Use the Card to pay-as-you-go on Dublin Bus, Luas, DART and Commuter Rail in the Dublin/Galway/Cork/Limerick/Waterford commuter areas, wherever Leap functionality has been introduced.  To use the card to PAYG you need to top up first at a Leap Card shop. Then hold the card against the validators to ‘Touch-On/off’. Validators are located:

Dublin Bus - at the entrance to the bus on the right hand side, and at the driver’s cab. When travelling on Dublin Bus, there is no requirement to Touch-Off.

Luas - on the platform. You need to touch-on and off at beginning and end of journey. 

Irish Rail - at entry and exit points of stations and on some platforms. If you are using your Student Leap Card to PAYG, don't forget to Touch-On and off at the beginning and end of your journey. If you don’t Touch-On, you may be prosecuted for fare evasion.

Bus Eireann - beside driver where Leap functionality has been rolled-out.

Don't forget to Touch-Off at the end of your journey when travelling on Irish Rail or LUAS so that the correct fare will be charged. Failure to Touch-Off will result in the maximum fare being charged to your card. 

Can anyone else use my Student Leap Card?

Student Leap Cards are not transferable and can only be used by the person photographed on the face of the card. You can not buy a ticket for others accompanying you on your card either. 

Can I buy weekly, monthly or other time based tickets?

Yes, you can load your card with credit (e.g. €20) OR with daily, weekly or monthly tickets depending on the provider. Popular examples include 5 day ramblers with Dublin Bus and Monthly Short Hop with Dart.

Topping up with credit means you pay-as-you-go on Dublin Bus, Luas, DART and Commuter Rail in the Dublin area just like a Leap Card. To use it in this way, you must top it up first at a Leap Card Payzone agent, at ticket machines or online and then use it to PAYG.

PAYG credit is also subject to daily and weekly caps on Dublin Bus, DART and LUAS which means great savings for frequent travellers. See here for details.

Tickets and Capping


Tickets and Capping

How do I register my card?

You need to register your card on www.leapcard.ie to manage your account and protect your balance if your card is lost or stolen. Refunds of credit can be applied for once your card is registered in your name.

How do I load credit and tickets on to my card?

You can buy tickets/travel credit online, at any Payzone agent, at a ticket machine or through the Leap Card Top-Up App.

Online, login to your account and then follow the Top-Up steps to decide on tickets/travel and ‘collect location’ for your credit. Important: IF you have topped up online you will still need to 'collect' your credit at your chosen collection point before you can utilise it on the bus.

In Payzone agents, all you have to do is present your Student Leap Card to a sales assistant in a Payzone agent and they will load the ticket electronically to your card. You can find your local Payzone agent here. 

At Luas, DART and Commuter Rail ticket machines in the Dublin area.

Download the NFC enabled Android ‘Leap Card Top-Up App’. This allows you to see your balance, Top-Up and ‘collect’ your credit through your phone. Important: only NFC enabled devices. 


Can I transfer credit from one card to another? 

Credit cannot be transferred from different types of Leap Cards or from other peoples Leap/Student Leap Cards. However, when Student Leap Cards are about to expire you can bring your old Student Leap card to one of our express agents/ Roadshow crew and they can transfer the balance on to your new card at the time the new one is being created. You can also post in your old card and have the balance transferred by our team, if you are availing of the postal application system.

Credit can not be transferred at any other time throughout the year. Any credit remaining on a Student Leap Card can be refunded through www.leapcard.ie

What tickets are available?

You can find examples of tickets and savings in our travel providers section. For the most up to date tickets and student fares see the website of your chosen travel operator.  

How do I use the Dublin Bus Rambler ticket on my Leap card?

Simply hold your card on the validator on the right hand side as you enter the bus. You can check how many days you have left to use by checking the screen on the validator.


What if I have loaded a Rambler ticket onto my Student Leap Card, but I want to use pay-as-you go fares instead?

If you have travel credit on your card, you can ask the bus driver for a single fare instead of using your rambler ticket. By asking for a single fare, this does not affect the remaining number of days on your Rambler ticket. 


I want to PAYG. How do I top up?

Travel Credit works just like phone credit. You Top-Up your card and then the cost of your fare is deducted from your balance every time you travel.

You can Top Up your Leap Card with Travel Credit:

  • At any Payzone agent nationwide.
  • At Luas, DART and Commuter Rail ticket machines in the Dublin area.
  • Online at leapcard.ie. Please note, if you Top Up online you will need to pick up your Top Up at your designated location. This can take up to 36hrs to become available for collection. 
  • Download the NFC enabled Android ‘Leap Card Top-Up App’. This allows you to see your balance, Top-Up and ‘collect’ your credit through your phone. Important: only NFC enabled devices. 

If I Top-Up online, can I change the location for my pick up of a product/Top-Up?

No. However, note that web purchases that are not validated on the Leap Card within 21 days will be refunded directly to the card used to make payment. 

What is Capping and how does it work?

Capping means you cannot spend over a certain amount during a daily or weekly time period on Dublin Bus, Dart/Commuter Rail and Luas. The Leap Card system caps your use of Travel Credit so that once you hit the Cap value you can continue as normal but at no cost, no matter how much you have been using Dublin Bus, Luas, Dart or Commuter Rail.
The maximum daily and weekly capping rates can be found here

What are Inter City Irish Rail Services?

InterCity services run from Dublin’s Heuston and Connolly Stations to Belfast, Sligo, Ballina, Westport, Galway, Limerick, Ennis, Tralee, Cork, Waterford and Rosslare Europort. Services also run between Rosslare Europort and Limerick; Cork and Tralee; and Cork and Limerick. There are 87 InterCity stations in Ireland. Services are divided into Standard and Super standard Classes.


What are Commuter Rail Services?

Commuter Rail Services include all DART services and Commuter services, surrounding major cities. 


Help with my Student Leap Card


Help with my Student Leap Card


My Student Leap Card isn't working, what should I do?

Contact us on our Student Leap Card helpline on info@studentleapcard.ie or Tel: 1890 457 056. Our team can advise you on any issues you may be experiencing with the card.

You can also contact us on Twitter


Lost or Stolen Card- What Should I do?

Student Leap Cards are non-refundable. If lost or stolen, a new card must be purchased through any of our Student Leap Card agents or by postal application.

If you had credit on the card you can apply for a refund of the remaining balance through www.leapcard.ie or by calling Leap Card Customer Care on 1850 824 824.


Do I need to advise of a change of address?

Yes. Please email info@studentleapcard.ie to let our office know of your change.  It is in your best interests to keep your details with Student Leap so we can let you know if there are any changes in the cards fares/services/terms and conditions etc. 


Do I need to pay again if I change my address?

No. Change of address does not require a reissued card. 


I still haven't found my answer?

You can contact our Help Desk on 1890 457 056 or info@studentleapcard.ie. You can also ask us about your queries on Twitter @StudentLeapCard

If your problem relates to fares, your leap card account or transport services we recommend contacting Leap Card or your chosen travel provider directly.


Leap Card: 1850 824 824 or customer.care@leapcard.ie.