We've all had that tragic moment when we're frantically rooting to scoop your phone from your pocket, your hands are already full, it's lashing rain, and you really need to take this call. Then....smash. Yup! Screen gone.

Roll on about 3months of texting without the letters 'q', 'a', or 'z' right? Wrong! 

Being a student is stressful enough without technological mishaps getting in the way of handing in your essays or planning your weekends.

That's why Click.ie, your trusty Student Leap Card partner, offer exclusive deals, on and near campuses, across the country. You have an expert to go to for speedy repairs with up to 25% off exclusively with your Student Leap Card.

We hope you won't need Click.ie. for repairs, BUT if you do, they're there to put your screens/laptops/tablets (and thus lives) back together!

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