Everyone’s perfect NYE is different, some like to spend it at home with Family and others like to get away and celebrate from an exotic location. These tips are for those who like the rest of us like to get dressed up and head out on the town for one of the most exciting nights of the year. 


Be prepared

Most venues, pubs and clubs, and sometimes even your local, might expect you to have tickets or pay in on New Year Eve. The best way to tackle this is decided where you want to go and pre-book tickets where possible.

Send all your Happy NYE #2015 texts before midnight

Every year networks go down so if sending out a text to your nearest and dearest is your thing then get in there before the rest of the country. Don't lose an evening sending texts when you could be living in the moment. 

Ladies, Bring a pair of flats 

Have you tried to get a taxi home in Dublin City Centre recently? Or any city centre for that matter. Be prepared to walk ¾’s of the way home before you grab a free taxi. And make sure you aren't walking it alone! Our top tip is to find your closest 24 hour McDonald’s, where you can try our delicious Festive Menu and hang out until the madness on the streets dies down. 

Enjoy yourself

The last but most important tip. New Year’s Eve is always a great night out, stick with your friends and be safe and make it a night to remember.

Happy New Years to all from the McDonald’s Team


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