Halloween Costumes

So Halloween is just around the corner and we are all thinking of some ideas of what to wear. However you don't want to pay a lot for just one night and when you have an idea in your head you can't make it out either with the makeup or costumes. So here is some ideas for everyone to be able to do!!!

For men:

The Walking Dead is one of the best and favourite of must people out there. So of course everyone wants to be Rick Grimes. This is so easily done for a guy. Go to any costume shop and they will have it. Even if you didn't want to get everything all you would REALLY need is just gun and sherif hat and badge.

Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead

However don't get any random hat it needs to look like this. As its nearly the end of September I think this going to be a favourite of this year, so try to get it sooner than later. Don't shave beforehand give it the full effect. If it was me though I would add scars and fake blood. Again anywhere near Halloween will sell these products.

Another favourite is BREAKING BAD!!! As the show has just ended it will be the last time for you to dress like Walter White or Jesse Pink. The same thing just go to a Halloween Costume, I will list a few places I know there be costumes stores at the end.

breaking bad.png

Yellow Jumpsuit would be the easiest thing to get. To be honest it's not the hardest thing to do and all you have to do is to wear this and your sorted. However if your feeling brave I would do this. 

Like I said if your feeling brave and do want to do something totally different why don't you go as a Drag Queen like out of the film/musical ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.  Get one of your female friends to do your makeup or just do it yourself doesn't have to be perfect to dramatic.

As you can see he does wear lingerie in this film but everyone would go out and buy underwear, just throw on a dress. The character wears like a nurse/doctors dress or outfit. So this could be good costume.

For the females out there some simple outfits/costumes that will make you noticeable and won't brake the bank. As programs have become huge over the years people are getting ideas from them and who else would you be getting it from than GAME OF THRONES. Daenerys Targaryen is the favourite of the girls in the show. It's pretty simple as well. All you need really is long bleach blonde wig and a long gown.

Looking at these pictures you know it's simple to do from the hair and makeup. Even if you can't find curly wig a straight one be fine but make sure place plaits in it. Makeup is simple, it's definitely a natural look.  You will have all what you need in your makeup bag. Easy to do costume but affordable.



A French maid is always a favourite for Halloween if you want to go for a sexy look but why don't you change it up. Again we are looking at the film/musical ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, the character Magenta.. You would need a few more things. If you haven't got a black dress in your wardrobe you will need one. However I would just buy the costume it be easier to so and less hassle.

The makeup is dramatic!!! A white face, smeared red lipstick and smokey eyes. False eye on bottom and top. It may sound hard but it's actually easier than what you think. Just type in Magenta Rocky Horror Picture Show makeup in YOUTUBE. There's so many to chose from. 

It's so easily done anyone can do it and it's a bit sexier than the other costumes.


My favourite though is Cropse Bride from the Tim Burton Film. If your going to a Halloween party or just want to go all out I would do this. It's totally different and I have never seen someone do this. It's not that hard to do but you will need blue face paint and white/wedding gown sort of.

I wouldn't go too crazy to try and get everything. Don't worry about the blue hair, the makeup and gown is the most important. Even the veil just place flowers in your hair. These were the craze during the summer so you or you know someone with a flower hair band if not just go to Pennys they will have something for cheap.

YOUTUBE has loads of clips to you for this type of makeup. However if you don't think you can't do the picture that's on the left just look at the right picture. All it is false eye lashes, red lips and blue/white makeup on face til the chest. If you can mess up the dress go for it. Your supposed to be a corpse so look like your died, don't try to be the prettiest.

Town would be the best place to go for costume shops. Arnotts are going to have a Halloween store. That be coming soon. There's a store (it's been there awhile) it's of Henry Street and it's between arnotts and Marks and Spencer's store. There would be the best places to check out for your costume for Halloween.

I hope you thought this was helpful and got some ideas.

Nadeen Lawlor