Ever Wonder 
Which is the 
Best One 
to Buy? 

Firstly for those of you who don’t know, leap cards can save you hundreds per year. 
Not only are leapcards cheaper than paying with cash, you can also use your Student 
Travelcard to avail of cheaper weekly and monthly tickets. 
From December onwards you can no longer buy paper Student monthly/weekly 
tickets from Dublin Bus, Dart/Commuter Rail or Luas. If you still want to avail of 
these tickets, students must upload them onto their Student Travelcards. 

Battle of the Leapcards 


To make things simple we’ve made up a little diagram to show you show much you 
can save. 

Dublin Bus Adult Student Savings 
Rambler 5 Day €25.00 €18.30 27% Cheaper! 
Rambler 30 Day: €125.00 €91.50 27% Cheaper! 
30 day Bus & Luas €131.50 €98.00 25% Cheaper! 

Adult Student Savings 
Weekly ticket: 
€32.30 €23.50 28% Cheaper! 
Monthly ticket: €122.00 €85.00 30% Cheaper! 
Monthly Short Hop 
€142.00 €108.00 24% Cheaper! 

Adult Student Savings 
30 Day Flexi All 
€91.00 €65.00 28% Cheaper! 
7 Day Flexi - All 
€23.50 €18.00 23% Cheaper! 
30 Day Combi - 
Luas & Bus 
€131.50 €98.00 25% Cheaper! 

Leap into the New Year and and save money! 

Just in case you still weren’t entirely convinced we got our Student Travelcard 
journalist to compare her monthly transport expenses between paying cash and using 
her Student Travelcard. 
The first part of her daily commute to work is a train ride on the Dart. Paying with 
cash costs €2.80. The second leg of the journey involved a bus ride from the city 
centre to our offices in Blanchardstown which also amounted to €2.80. Her total 
weekly spend was €56. The next week our journalists used her Student Travelcard. 
The Travelcard saved her .50c on the dart each journey and 35c on the bus. 
Overall she saved €8.50 using pay-as-you-go on her leap card! 
However, since our reporter is very savvy, she bought a Student Monthly Short Hop 
Bus and Rail ticket with her Student Travelcard, only costing €119 per month – 
equalling €29.75 per week. Saving an astonishing €1,042 per year compared with 
paying Adult leapcard pay-as-you-go fares and saving €444 compared with paying the 
Adult Monthly Short Hop Bus and Rail Leapcard fare. 
The Student Monthly Short Hop Bus and Rail ticket is only available on your Student 
Travelcard. Normal adult leap fair is €156 per month. 
It pays to be savvy. Buy your Student Travelcard and save!